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13 Jul Why Should You Get Your Musical Instrument & Gear Insured?

All geared up for the touring season? Bags, music, passport, and even itinerary checked? The music festival is a joyous affair, where music becomes a festivity and the moment to live in. Be it the boy/girl bands or the solos or the rockstars, there is one thing that they have in common- they are all carrying their expensive and highly precious instruments to this festival. For them, these instruments are their lifeline (very literally too). If you are one of them, then you would realize how hard it would be on you, if the very love of your life gets a small scratch or is broken or, worst still gets lost. You really wouldn’t like it, would you?

Carrying on with the touring season is important despite this, even when your heart is broken. Though buying a new one would not get back the love, you cannot carry on without an instrument. Imagine having to shell out a lot of money to replace your instrument? Now, that is going to be more difficult, given you still have to cash in on the pay cheque.

That’s where insurance comes into play! While, home insurance is a good solution for your instrument insurance, it does not give you all the benefits that come with regular instrument insurance. It is important to protect your gear with the appropriate insurance that will cover all your basic needs entirely.

A lot of musicians believe that their musical equipment has been covered under the homeowner’s or automobile insurance. The cover does not take care of all sorts of losses or problems your instrument is likely to face, hence you would not be completely compensated under homeowner’s or automobile insurance. The musical instrument coverage under homeowner’s policy is approximately $ 250, which surely does not take care of everything that could possibly go wrong.

As a musician, you ought to know the difference between personal and commercial policies, and you would know that both are highly expensive for the average band. So, basically you can neither take the personal/commercial policies nor be dependent on the homeowner’s policy. So, what is the way out for you, so that you don’t spoil your gig with some bad news? You also need to think on the premium you will need to pay for the policies you are planning to take.

So, here are a few bullet points that may help convince why you should go for a musical instrument policy.

You are eligible for the musical instrument insurance once you set out to buy an instrument, and you don’t need to be associated with any musical group for thisYou can apply for the insurance hassle-free online. Within 48 hours, you would get the approval for the insurance, and that too without having to go through credit checksThe musical instrument insurance is pretty affordable. Of course, when choosing the company for musical coverage, you need to firstly identify the premium you are ready to shell out, and then read the reviews that the company has received. Only if the reviews are good and the premium affordable should you go for the company in questionIdentify the benefits that you want to gain from your insurance cover. If you want to include your laptop with the software that has been installed along with your musical instrument you are insuring, make sure these benefits are addedUnder what circumstances is the insurance claimable? You should know the answer to this question before you actually go for the insuranceBefore signing off the insurance, make sure your cell phones and other major things are covered in the insurance you have taken for the instrument. Clarion offers highly customized and affordable insurance for your instruments. Get your instrument insured before the next major gig!

Searching for musical instrument insurance can be easier for you, if you check up all the posts and reference website provided by the author. Must follow and grab great ideas.

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