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02 Sep JVC And The First High Def Camera

JVC And The First High Def Cam

The incredible business of JVC (Victor Company of Japan).
released the initial high definition camera for.
consumers back in 2003. The GR-HD1 high def video camera.
was the first electronic camera in the world to.
record and also play back hd photos.

By utilizing a recently developed 1/3 inch kind 1.18.
million pixel progressive scan CCD as well as JVC type.
processing, the brand-new electronic camera documents and plays back.
750/30p digital high definition and 525p dynamic.
large display photos to mini DV tape.

The GR-HD1 is was the initial digital video camera in.
the world to videotape as well as repeat hd.
video clip as well as photos. The GR-HD1 documents digital images.
to mini DV tapes using MPEG 2 compression, recording.
and also repeating electronic hd images.
while still keeping standard 525i DV.
basic recording times.

The GR-HD1 also comes with an optical 10X zoom lens.
and a constructed in optical photo stabilizer. It also.
makes use of a freshly created 1/3 inch kind 1.18 million.
pixel (1.14 million reliable pixels) dynamic.
check CCD. Because of the JVC initial signal.
processing circuitry and driving system, it can.
document muti style top quality photos.

There are three videotaping settings; HD mode, SD.
mode, as well as DV setting that are based according to.
the video camera drivers requirements.

The HD mode records 750/30p electronic high definition.
images, SD setting 525p progressive vast photos, DV.
mode at the traditional 525i DV requirement. This.
means, electronic camera customers can freely pick amongst the 3.
modes according to their certain requirements.

Although it was the first high definition.
camera to launch to consumers, the GR-HD1.
is still a really impressive video camera. It has a.
multitude of other attributes, which make sure to please.
camera lovers anywhere.

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