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14 Feb John Mellencamp |Legendary Power of Music

John Mellencamp is very well-reputed name of the music industry which rings as a bell in the hearts of its audience whenever it is called. He is a marvelous singer who has possessed the hearts of his fans in a very short period. He is truly a rock star as he gave a number of musical hits, he is also known as John Cougar. He has been nominated for thirteen Grammy Awards and out of which won 1 award; he has been also honored with Life Time Achievement Award. He gave numerous hits as a solo performer and become the gigantic star of the music world who introduced the blend of hard-rock and folk-rock. During 2008 in New York he was introduced in Rock and Roll’s Fame Class. The themes of his all albums focuses on those people who are doing efforts to achieve their goals, his best music albums are” Woody Guthrie” and “Bob Dylan”. So to entertain his audience and to keep the charm alive of his music in the hearts of his fans he is organizing tours in this winter.
John Mellencamp Biography
John Mellencamp is marvelous legendary star performer of 70’s was born in 1855 in Indiana. He is a tremendous American musician, stunning singer, song-writer, periodic actor and fabulous painter. He began his career with the band named as Crepe Soul at the age of 14. Mellencamp is favorite among his fans due to his modesty, simplicity and tender heart. He has wide social networking for the betterment of poor and needy, he is also the initiator of Farm Aid Organization. The Farm Aid Organization provides loans and finances to the family farms for the development of their living standard. John Mellencamp is also working for creating awareness regarding the feudal system due to which family farms are not making progress ahead. For the improvement of farming, Farm Aid Concerts are held from last 26 years and funds are accumulated for family farms.
Although many music critics, and rumors became hurdle in career of Mellencamp but he did not lose heart and always worked hard to make his way smooth and finally succeeded in 1985 after the successful release of his album “Scarecrow”. After that he gave many single hits including “Hurts So Good” which was also selected for Grammy Awards.
John Mellencamp Tour always performs outstanding and marvelous musical shows for his audience. The spell of John Mellencamp Music cannot be expressed in words. One can feel enchant of his music seeing his performance on stage live which will be alive in your mind for many months.

John Mellencamp |Legendary Power of Music