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08 Feb Considerations When Buying a Harp

A harp is a wonderful instrument. If you are looking to purchase a new or used harp there are several characteristics of the harp to look at. These things include the size, construction, and the tone.

It isn’t a good idea to buy a harp online unless you know the exact size of the harp you want to buy. It is usually best to go to a local instrument shop and sit with a harp in position to be sure it fits you correctly. If you are buying a harp for a child it is important to be sure the child can reach the pedals comfortably. It is usually best to buy a smaller harp that weighs less than it is to purchase a bigger one that can cause harm if the player doesn’t have the strength to control it or hold it in position.

The best harp for beginners is the floor harp that has 27 to 30 strings. The semi grand harps are best for older players because it is smaller in height and doesn’t weigh a lot. This harp has 46 strings. The concert grand harp is used mostly by the professional musicians and they have 47 strings.

It is important when you are buying a harp to listen to the tone of the harp. If you are a beginner and you don’t know what to listen for it is important to bring someone with you who is experienced and knows what to listen for. For example, you might have a music teacher who can help you with the selection. The tone should be bright, warm and project very well. However, you don’t want too much of either of these qualities or the sound may not sound well at all.

The construction of a harp should be well-crafted to ensure the longevity. In addition, a well crafted harp will maintain the value because it uses wood of good quality, sounds amazing, and has an excellent tension on the strings. Be sure to make sure that the pedals are not deformed, the finish is smooth and there is no damage in the wood, the neck isn’t warped and the columns are straight, and there are not any gaps in the soundbox. In addition, the base needs to be firmly attached to the feet of the harp.

Buying a harp is a big decision because they can be very expensive. There are many things to look at to determine you are getting a quality instrument. If you are inexperienced, it would be a good idea to have someone else go with you to pick out a harp.

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